In this recipe, we will use a variation of the delicious classic garlic bread that everyone likes. Also adding onion, making an explosively tasty combination. Easy, fast, and very delicious. This Cheese Onion Garlic Bread will melt in your mouth.

Did you know?

The classic garlic bread recipe is of Italian origin. And consist of toasted bread, pre-prepared with olive oil and greased with garlic. But let’s talk a bit about the history of garlic. Garlic is originally from the Siberian dessert. Where its use introduced into Egypt through Asia Minor by Nomadic tribes. From there it spread to India on trade routes that traveled east to Asia and then west Europe. In the tomb of Tutankhamen six cloves of garlic were found. They have also discovered in other tombs, clay figures painted representing bulbs of garlic. Place there to ward off the evil spirits that might disturb the soul`s journey to the hereafter.

Garlic`s Properties

It is an excellent diuretic,antiseptic,decongestant . Also lowest cholesterol. And there are remedies with garlic to apply on the skin to have it smooth and moisturized. The moisture content in garlic helps eliminate all types of impurities and dryness.


 Recipe inspired by Allrecipes