Now I bring you another of those special recipes to prepare a good dish, without it taking too much time to do it. The Chicken quesadillas is a very popular dish.  A combination of Mexican and American Cuisine. Therefore a delicious fusion of flavors. A simple and easy recipe. Ideal for when we have the time counted.

The mayonnaise sauce gives it a different twist. And of course a sensational taste. This recipe is good for lunch or dinner. Or even on a Sunday brunch. Consequently a very versatile dish.

Did you know?

A classic of Mexican food, without a doubt, are the quesadillas. Like the chicken quesadillas; there are numerous versions. Among them are those that do not have cheese. In Mexico City, quesadillas refer to tortillas bent in half that contain any type of stew. Stew with cheese, or cheese only. While in the rest of the country, the quesadillas are of cheese, as its name of Spanish origin indicates it.


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