When it comes to feeding a crowd. A deliciously irresistible lasagna is one of those dishes that comes to the rescue, and everyone likes. However, there are different types of lasagna. With different types of meats, vegetables, cheeses and sauces.  In my case, I made it with beef, cheeses and red Italian sauce.  It is curious to know that one of the oldest pasta is lasagna. The place of origin is Italy,  in the region of Emiliana Romagna. It is said that the earliest lasagna recipes known are dated from the thirteenth century.  At that time, tomatoes were not known to Europeans. Therefore they could not be used in their recipes. However surely that recipe was equally delicious. In conclusion, despite which ingredients we use to make it; the result will always be very tasty. Bon appetit.

Lasagna Fun Facts

There are some fun facts about lasagna. As an example; that the cat Garfield from the comic strip, has Lasagna as his favorite food. Also, Al Yankovic recorded a song called “Lasagna” that is parody of “La Bamba”

Recipe originally inspired by Kitchen1329