heavenly baked pork ribs in bbq sauce

Heavenly Baked Pork Ribs in Bbq Sauce

A classic American cuisine dish. Which of course you can not miss in a family barbecue. These heavenly baked BBQ ribs are tender and juicy. And the combination of spices that I use to marinate them, makes them really tasty. Variations of these Heavenly baked pork ribs You can replace the country style pork ribs […]

Pasteles de masa

Pasteles de Masa Boricuas

For the Christmas season; the Puerto Rican Pasteles is one of those dishes that can not be missed at the table of each Puerto Rican household.However they are always welcome at the Puerto Rican table, at any time of the year. The most common filling for Pasteles de masa is pork and chicken .  Also […]

oven fried tender pork chops

Oven Fried Tender Pork Chops

This recipe is a variation of the fried pork chop. Where we can enjoy the rich flavor of the fried chop, but doing it in the oven; using just a little bit of butter. Resulting in a delicious Oven Fried Tender Pork Chops. Did You Know Pork is the most commonly consumed meat worldwide. Is […]

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