Louisiana Style Jambalaya

A centerpiece of Louisiana Creole Cuisine, Jambalaya is a rich stew of crab, shrimp, duck, chicken, pork, beef and vegetables in various combinations. For this recipe I used smoked sausage, smoked ham, bacon, shrimp and vegetables . History It is said that  this Creole  dish was an attempt by the Spaniards to make paella in […]

Creamy King crab cilantro dip

Creamy King Crab Cilantro Dip

This recipe is easy, fast and above all delicious. Therefore very convenient in family gatherings. The cilantro gives to this creamy King crab dip a special touch. You can serves it with crackers, rolls, chips or bagels. Bon appétit.  

Flounder with Sauteed Onions

Flounder on Sautéed Onions

For those who like to enjoy a good fish dish. This Flounder on Sauteed Onions is a simple dish, easy to make and of course very delicious. So a good recipe to add to your cookbook. Did you know? In its life cycle, an adult flounder has two eyes situated on one side of his […]

Chinese Fried Rice

Chinese Fried Rice with Shrimps

A rich and delicious recipe to enjoy it any day of the week. Although it is a simple dish to make;  there are many variations of fried rice. And among these variations, Chinese fried Rice is one of the most popular.  Is also popular as a street food in most of the cuisines including American-Chinese cuisine. Did […]

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